Wednesday, July 1, 2009

All Ahead -- Warp 4 -- Mr. Sulu...

Wow. Did I just use a Star Trek line in my blog? And was it Mr. Sulu that drove the USS Enterprise, or was it Mr. Chekov? I know Spock was always confused by human behavior, Uhura had the 1960's equivalent of a Bluetooth in her ear all the time, and Scotty was always telling the Captain that the engines couldn't take any more punishment...but that's about it. But you know what...? I digress -- big time.

After a few short days of blogging and fundraising for the 100-mile Pelotonia in late August...I'm struck by one issue. As I blog, talk to folks, and post items on Facebook...I feel like I'm asking for donations for myself, and I'm uncomfortable with that. I rarely ask anyone for anything...especially financial underwriting for an upcoming ride. But then I think back...

Have any of you ever been in the oncology ward of a hospital? I spent a few weeks there, with my nephew Craig when he was about 3 years he fought (and eventually defeated) cancer. That experience will never fade from my memory...and I've come to understand that after this upcoming ride I'll simply move on to other similar endeavors that benefit those fighting life-threatening illnesses, like cancer. It's all a part of me now, and I embrace every one of those memories, no matter how intense they were then, or now.

I rode quickly tonight -- 20 miles around Brimfield -- feeling driven by this goal of mine...both the 2500 miles for the year, and the $1500 for the Pelotonia. DRIVEN. That word kept running through my mind, and I hoped that everyone understands what I'm trying to do here. And I hope everyone I know gets to experience "driven" at some point in their lives. I couldn't exist without that kind of experience and that kind of intensity -- it makes me feel alive.

Ride on. Live strong.

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